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It works!

This smells and feels lovely. I can really notice a difference when I use it. Recently I had a pretty bad bout of neck stiffness and I’d notice a real difference on the days I’d forget to use it.

the entire pack loves it!

we’ve got 3 lovely pibbles who don’t care for loud noises. with the CBD tincture, they’re happy, relaxed, and generally unbothered. can’t really ask for much more!

My Favorite

This has to be my favorite combo. They all take the edges off the day and give the everyone their favorite flavor.

A nice addition.

My favorite tincture is Orange Spice. Trying the roller ball in same family was a no brainer.
The scent is pretty mild and not at all medicine-y. Limited tingle on skin. Easy to use on a daily basis.

We love this stuff!

My wife and I have been using the Original Tincture relatively consistently over the past 18 months. It's a great sleep aid and I wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. No brain fog or grogginess. We love it. I recommend it to anyone I know who has any sleep related issues.

Best CBD I've ever used

On my third bottle, it's my go-to tincture for a good night's sleep. The flavor is pleasant, unlike other CBD I've used that's more "skunky." And even the label is beautiful!

Orange Spice Roller
Alison Headley

I am in love with this orange spice roller. I'd been a CBD skeptic before, but not now! I have a bit of arthritis in my fingers from years of doing trapeze, and just a little of this on my aching joints relieves the pain. The smell is very subtle and lovely, and it looks like this one bottle will last for ages. A+++++

Great relief!

My husband has been using this regularly for arthritis pain in his knee, and he says that not only does it help, but it’s also super easy to use with no mess!

Excellent CBD tincture!

Helps me focus in the morning and calms me in the evening for sleep!

Excellent Quality & service!

I am so pleased with this 3 pack! The value can’t be beat. I have twice previously ordered the Orange Glaze, which I love! The quality, attention & consistency with which Derek creates these products are fantastic. I have found they work wonderfully to relieve anxiety and stress as well as in addition, when applied topically, the products greatly help with my knee pain, too. I appreciate being able to purchase such a high quality CBD oil - much better than anything I get locally. I also received a surprise upgrade with my last order as well! Derek & team, you are absolutely the best! Thank you!

The best

I love the Clove Bud tincture. I’ve been taking a few drops of Milk Barn’s CBD for over a year and it’s been amazing for my anxiety levels. The clove just tastes amazing and it’s a bit stronger as well. It’s become my favorite.

I am against leaving reviews

Unless I am very impressed with a product. No complaints whatsoever.

“Serenity (to function) Now” in a Tincture

I just avoided a panic attack by remembering to use the Orange Glaze tincture. I am now able to breathe calmly instead of hyperventilating and having my mind spin out into disaster scenarios. When I say “serenity now” I mean the serenity to think clearly and just be, rather than numbing out and losing a whole day being unable to function. It still boggles my mind that such a “simple” solution exists to help calm generalized anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you Derek and all at Milk Barn Farm.

Helpful to my old cat

This pet cbd is great! I give it to my 19 year old cat and it seems to help her to be more comfortable. I also give a little to my younger cats at dinner and they are more calm in the evening- which is helpful to my whole house hold. Will definitely buy again!

The best CBD product I've tried

I don't believe the hype that CBD can fix every ailment; none of the products I've used before made any difference. I ordered this three pack for my husband who has been experiencing acute stress. I tried some too; Swiss Dream lets me fall asleep effortlessly. As for my husband's stress, it's helping. CBD won't cure covid, stop insurrection, or stop war, but it makes it easier to stop some of the doom spirals.

all splendid

consistantly good

Great for elderly arthritic dogs too!

Our 16 and 17 yo dogs do well with the tincture added to their meals. They have an easier time getting up and walking around.

Unlike any other CBD

I struggle with migraines, endometriosis, and anxiety. I take Rx medication for all 3 of these chronic conditions, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have symptoms.

Recently, my doctor recommended I add CBD to my treatment regimen. I was skeptical, because I’ve tried CBD from other sources before and it never made much of an impact or made me high with too much THC.

But then I tried this one. It has made a marked difference in my symptoms: there are times when I feel a migraine coming on, I take some CBD and it stops it in its tracks so I don’t even have to take my Rx meds. It doesn’t make me high, so I can take it during the workday.

I’m so happy I found this product.

Convenient to carry around.

I love the CBD Roller. It smells amazing and it’s convenient to carry around.

Excellent solution to a bug bite, and soothing to an itchy keloid.

Excellent product!

The best gift to anxiety!

When I initially purchased the Original Tincture, I wasn’t sure how it would help me.

A year later and I am thankful for discovering this amazing product!

My anxiety is non-existent. I take it first thing in the morning and my entire day is amazing and stress free.

Thank you Derek for answering all my questions.

Our dogs love it!

Have been giving to both our dogs daily for about a month. They seem to love it and I think it helps their joint issues. Our ten year old dog has been much friskier lately and I think this awesome CBD has a lot to do with it! They love the taste and take it right from the dropper, excitedly! Just reordered so we will not run out anytime soon. Thanks so much!

Good stuff

After a week of regular use I’m noticing much less anxiety, and much less inflammation. This 3-pack is a great way to try different strains.

Excellent tincture

Of all the tinctures I've tried this is the best. Great for getting to sleep.

Great Quality, Calmer Days

This Orange Glaze CBD Tincture made me realize that the CBD oils I'd purchased in the past from other vendors were trash that did nothing at all. This stuff is high quality. I wanted to try it out to possibly help with anxiety/stress. It's still early (only using for a little over a week), but I can say that my days do feel calmer since using orange glaze daily. I do plan on purchasing other tinctures/products from milk barn farm in the future.

It really is pumpkin spice!

I wasn't sure how a pumpkin spice cbd would be but I trust Milk Barn Farms so I tried it. It's good! I use a dropperful sublingually then drink my coffee. You can really taste it in the aftertaste. It's a fun little twist on my daily cbd oil. :)