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Drops of calm

This was my second bottle of Orange Glaze, and it is still my favorite remedy for restless nights. A few drops before bed helps calm my mind and body, and leads to deeper, more restful sleep!

Pumpkin Spiced Relief

You don't have to wait for that company with the burnt coffee to benefit from the joys of nutmeg, cloves, and CBD. You can just get this tincture. Plus, you'll actually be able to sleep. Try that with a pumpkin spice latté.

Spiced Salve
Ann M McCrohan
Spiced Salve

This is my first time using this product. I have upper back pain and I found to really help. This be a constant on my shopping list with Milk Barn Farm

Great products

I've been using both of these product for years and love both. They are both effective for me for pain relief (ymmv) and the tincture also seems to have calming qualities for me. I've used other CBD brands but I like Milk Barn.

Spiced Salve
No pain

Thank you it works, reduces pain which is what I needed.

May be working?

I have only tried it twice so far and both time I was not home to see if it calmed my dogs anxiety. Today, I will be trying it while I am home and monitoring him. His anxiety is highest when we leave the house. I can say, I did notice that the house was not in shambles the two times I did administer the CBD, so I am very hopeful! Thank you!

Wonderful customer service

My package arrived broken, and they sent me another one super fast. Their service can’t be beat, and their service is fantastic. Love these guys.


I have been using this product since last year after my bike accident. I had trouble sleeping because of pain and anxiety but since she’s in the product I’ve had great sleep.

Great for Recovery

i’ve been using this product since last year I had a bike accident and shattered my elbow. I use it for massage therapy and also helps the scarring not hurt as much.

Swiss Dream is my favorite

I still get the Original and have enjoyed the other limited editions but Swiss Dream is absolutely my favorite. This latest batch has a slightly different taste than the first, but it is still distinctive and smooth. I get THE BEST sleep with abt 2/3 dropper an hour before bedtime. Highly recommend for that as well as for a topical.

Original Tincture
Sarah Bruce
Wonderful for sleep

I’ve been taking the original tincture at bedtime for almost two years now, and it has made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. I love this product.

Perhaps the most satisfying and anxiety-free sleep I’ve had since the beginning of the pandemic.

Spiced peach

My job requires hands on a keyboard, which arthritis threatens. I've tried lots of products. Yours is hands down (and typing away) the very best. I suspect there are goats all over the country who would rather live at your farm. Regards, and Thank you.

Original Roller
Kevin Lawver
Smells Good, Goes on Easy

This is my first CBD experience, so this is pretty uninformed as to what I should expect, but it smells great and it goes on easy without a lot of mess or applying so much oil in a pass that it drops. It smells great and I think my wrist feels better after applying it.

Original Roller
A. Simpson.
Handy Dandy Pain Relief

I have one of these in my bag, one in the car, one by the bed, and one at my desk. Works so well on aches and pains. Thank you, Milk Barn Farm!

Spiced Salve
A. Simpson.
Repeat customer!

I love the spiced salve. Really helps my hands after long hours of work. Husband uses it for his carpel tunnel. Milk Barn products work so much better than others we’ve tried. I think it’s all the love.

Love this stuff

I’ve been using the classic CBD roller for a long time and decided to give Orange Spice a try. It works just as I expected. It takes the edge right off my achy knees and to top it off it smells fantastic.

Needless to say I recommend it.

Works for me

First time to use. I have a knee injury causing pain and knee fluid. Didn’t want to use the oral and topical prescription meds due to their potential side effects, so decided to try it. Haven’t needed the prescription medications and had relief from the pain. Swelling still there requiring additional treatment and knew the resolution of it was above what any medications or CBD oil could correct. Highly recommend this product. Will be using it after my upcoming surgery.

An Oregon Goat Lover❤️

I saw this bumper sticker on a truck while on my way to run errands! Immediately googled and connected with Milk Barn Farm. I am an Oregon Native with a love of the caprine tribe, so now I can announce it to the world.

The best in the market

Best CBD in the market. Strong and smooth. I only need one dropper to calm my mind

A repeat favorite.

I took advantage of the sale on the larger bottle this time. Truly one of my favorite products, many days I prefer it to the med-grade gummies I purchase at a dispensary. I used to "white knuckle it" regarding running out of migraine medication before refill. Since adding Orange Glaze tincture to my routine, I have fewer migraines and never run out of meds.

Been using this for a couple years

I've tried others, they don't help the way this stuff does. All the Milk Barn Farm products I use are with every penny!!
Thank you for helping me and my dogs 💙

Love it.

Have been giving it as gifts.

Hints of fall

I love the pumpkin spice tincture. It has the warm spices you find in your favorite pumpkin pie recipe.

"a sunny meadow"

I got this salve for my mom, whom I'd noticed had run out of a similar product that she'd gotten at her local farmers' market. She said that product helped with her sore hands after gardening, but that she didn't like the smell very much—too eucalyptus-y. She has since texted me: "decided the CBD salve you sent me has the fragrance of a sunny meadow. 👏" And it works well for her sore hands. Yay!