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Soundest night of sleep in weeks

This tincture is great; it is rather mild tasting for a cbd tincture (to me) and very effective in lulling and keeping me asleep. I noticed a difference in my rest the first time I used this and would definitely order again.

Great tincture

I have tried all of the tinctures made by milk barn farm. This new tincture is just great for slowing down and sleeping better. The taste is wonderful and I will order many more Great product for better sleep. Happy customer.


I am a huge fan of MBF's CBD. Clove is my favorite for the day and now this is a favorite for the evening. If I am ever too wired at night and know it's going to take me too long to unwind, this comes to my rescue. It does not take too long before I feel relaxed and start yawning.

Great topically too!

I find that I have a bit of an allergic reaction when I use the tincture under my tongue, but not when I use it topically (I rub a dropper full on the backs of my hands, and anywhere achy). The smell is wonderful, and I seem to get the same sleep benefits. I look forward to it now!


Wonderful flavor and helps my sleep. Thank you!

Sorry I'm late writing this review. I just woke up.

Some people have trouble falling asleep. Some people have trouble staying asleep. Me? Best of both worlds! I'm really good at ruminating and I have two energetic cats, so sleep is sometimes elusive. CBD from MBF has been a godsend: I drift off without worry, and find my dreams to be a lot more involved and esoteric (my own theory is this means deeper REM cycles and more time for the brain movies to develop the plot).

All that, plus I don't wake up tired. It's pretty amazing. The latest addition to the line-up is also exceptional. Same snoozy effect, sweet chamomile enhancement. Big fan!


I had never tried a tincture before, and this was a really pleasant introduction. Flavorful and warm. UI liked it so much, I am trying the combo limited edition next.

Helps me sleep very peacefullt

Smooth and calming

I can't believe how well I sleep when I take this late in the evening! The flavor is very interesting. I am another sleepytime tea imbiber so am just adding to relaxation with this tincture. It has a very nice complex flavor and scent - distinct from any other MBF tinctures. Highly recommend for its wonderfully calming effect.

So good!

I've been having a lot of problems with sleep lately and thought I'd give this tincture a try. I'm now using it every night and it's been so much easier to sleep through the night and wake up rested. The flavour is sweet and pleasant. I'm buying another bottle! This is my fave Milk Barn product so far.

Spiced Salve
Tracy Ducasse
Best Salve ever!

I recently bought the Spiced Salve in Stick form. I like that it is portable, so I can bring it to work with me, I also like that a thin layer remains on those sore areas, it seems to lengthen the amount of pain free time, or pain decreased time. The combination of scents is much appreciated.

Like fine wine

I'm a sleepytime tea junkie so I had to try this. The scent and flavor is initially very hemp forward, but it blossoms into this sweet, lingering floral bouquet finish that is so wonderful, it made my jaw drop. I've taken it right before bedtime and ~30 minutes later I'm fast asleep and stay that way until the morning.

Works like a dream

This is my second bottle of Swiss Dream and I find it helps me fall asleep faster. I also think it’s helping to reduce my overall inflammation levels. It’s good stuff!

Does what it says on the label!

Good sleep has been a challenge for me of late, so I jumped at the chance to try the new Chamomile-infused CBD tincture.
That first night was bliss. I had a really good night's sleep. The tincture is quite tasty.
I highly recommend it!

Great blend for Sleep

Tastes great, works great, and shipping is lightening fast. From coast to coast in two days is incredible.
We’ve moved to only buying our CBD products from Milk Barn Farm because of the consistent quality. We haven’t found that with any local companies.

I love this stuff

I have been a fan of Milk Barn CBD tinctures for years. Every product they have is top notch. I've tried a lot of these, but Milk Barn is the BEST.

Only CBD I’ll buy

I’ve tried a lot of CBD products and this tincture is now my go to. High quality and great service.


I use this for my two 13 year old chihuahuas that have anxiety and arthritis. It works great and I can easily control how much they get as they are only 2 lbs.

Pumpkin spice with Constant Comment tea!

New morning routine: I put a dropper full of this tincture in a little milk and run it through my frother on a cold cycle, then pour it over a freshly brewed cup of Constant Comment tea with a little sugar. I have fibromyalgia and I've had noticeably less pain since beginning this, and it tastes great!
Also of note: having heard about Milk Barn Farm on Facebook several years ago, from actor Will Wheaton (Long live Wesley Crusher... my high school sweetheart! 😂), I was unable to order at the time because of my job, and the chance - however limited - I could pop positive on a drug test. I asked questions back then. Derek was quick to answer, and his commitment to customer service and being personable has not changed. He left a nice, handwritten note for me with my first order. I'll definitely be ordering again.
Thank you!

Looks great! Quality materials.

They’re Goat-tastic!

High quality sticker and goats, what more could you want?

Spiced Salve
Dinah S
blessed sleep 💖

This was so helpful when I got a repetitive motion injury and was having a very hard time sleeping. Thank you, Milk Barn Farm!

LOVE, LOVE the sticker and the intention!

Thank you for creating this and putting such a fun focus on goats! We are all about the goats at WestSide Goat Girl, LLC - brush clearing!

Sleepy dream clouds

I only bought this on a whim along with pet CBD and I am so grateful I did. I am 47, in perimenopause and having associated issues, including bouts of sleeplessness. This seems to have remedied the issue and I wasn't even looking for it to do that, but rather decided to give it a try one night. I am now having better sleep than I've had in the last 6 months. I didn't take it before bed one night, awoke to go the bathroom in the middle of the night, then could not fall asleep. Then I remembered my CBD and I was makin' honk-shoos in no time. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon such a great natural remedy. And I don't know if this means anything, but this is the first CBD tincture (I've tried a few) that has the distinctive citrusy, skunky, hoppy smell--it just seems a far better quality than anything I've tried before. It's such a burgeoning and lucrative market, it's hard to know what's really good. I feel like I found the real deal.

Just right

I started incorporating this tincture as part of my nighttime routine. Not only do I think I sleep better, but I can prove that I do as well based on the data from the sleep app on my Apple Watch. Quality toncture for a reasonable price.