Seasonal Tincture: Pumpkin Spice
Seasonal Tincture: Pumpkin Spice

Seasonal Tincture: Pumpkin Spice

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Our special treat for sweater weather is back! Pumpkin Spice CBD Tincture is made with toasted pumpkin seed oil which gives it a rich, nutty flavor, plus all your favorite autumnal spices: ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.

We combine all that with our sun-grown, hand-harvested hemp flower for the relaxing chill that comes from CBD. This is a full-spectrum infusion, so it includes minor cannabinoids for a complete entourage effect, while keeping the THC below 0.3%, so it's a legal hemp product nationwide.

This tincture can be used orally or topically, and is especially good in milky coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, on a cold day when you need a little warmth in your heart. 

Grown, harvested, cured, and infused in Oregon with love.

  • CBD: ~480 mg.
  • Primary Taste: Pumpkin spice.
  • 1 mL Doses: 60.
  • CBD per dose: ~8 mg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gina W
Favorite Flavor

Quality is beyond 5 stars. I have to pace myself with this one because it tastes so good! Can't believe I'm saying this but can pumpkin spice be a year round option?
And it works, I have not had to take any additional pain medication for a long time back injury for the past few weeks now. Makes me wonder what was in the other stuff I was buying? Definitely not quality like this brand. Thank you Derek!

Lori Hylan-Cho
Delightfully Autumnal

I mostly use the Milk Barn CBD products topically for muscle pain and as a soothing pre-sleep routine. I've come to love the smell of hemp, and this product adds another favorite smell: baking spices! You still get the grassy hemp scent, only with the spices layered over the top, making it delightfully autumnal. Plus, bonus cozy goat on the label! So cute!

Tracy T
It really is pumpkin spice!

I wasn't sure how a pumpkin spice cbd would be but I trust Milk Barn Farms so I tried it. It's good! I use a dropperful sublingually then drink my coffee. You can really taste it in the aftertaste. It's a fun little twist on my daily cbd oil. :)

Monica Smith
This is the BEST

I usually only use Milk Barn Farm CBD tinctures at night to help me sleep (which work wonderfully), and had never thought to take it in the morning. I bought this because I was attracted to the pumpkin spice flavor. I LOVE this tincture. I put a drop in my milk for my morning coffee. It is super tasty. Also, I have noticed that on the days I have this I am much more chill and less prone to getting irritated, anxious, or annoyed. So I'm really happy that I decided to purchase this. It was absolutely worth it!

Jim From Toledo

Lovely, subtle cinnamon pumpkin flavor. Warms you up in the cooler weather!