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Sweet Sleep
Limited Edition Tincture: Sweet Sleep with Chamomile
Limited Edition Tincture: Sweet Sleep with Chamomile
Limited Edition Tincture: Sweet Sleep with Chamomile
Limited Edition Tincture: Sweet Sleep with Chamomile

Limited Edition Tincture: Sweet Sleep with Chamomile

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Chamomile has been used for centuries to calm minds and bellies for a restful night's sleep. Its active compound is a terpene called alpha-Bisabolol, which is also found in some strains of hemp. We know how important a good night's sleep is, so we combined organic Chamomile flowers with flowers from sun-grown Oregon Sweetgum hemp for the ultimate nighttime infusion.

In addition to the sedative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety effects, Chamomile also gives the tincture a floral honey taste, so it's our sweetest tincture yet, without adding any artificial sweeteners.

This is a full-spectrum infusion, so it includes minor cannabinoids for a complete entourage effect, but is far below the 0.3% THC limit, making it legal nationwide. The hemp was grown, harvested, and infused in Oregon with love by us, and we hope it helps you get the best sleep of your life.

  • CBD: Large bottle: ~480 mg, Small bottle: ~240 mg
  • Primary Terpene: α-Bisabolol (honey)
  • 1 mL Doses: Large bottle: 60, Small bottle: 30
  • CBD per dose: ~8 mg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Carissa Nichols
Generosity and kindness

Hopefully I hit the star rating correctly so you see five stars.

The last time I ordered, I asked about your pumpkin spice because I did not see it on the website and I truly love it.

When I got my sleep tincture order not only did I get an amazing new CBD That helps me even better than your clove product to get to sleep and stay asleep, you also sent me a bottle of your first tincture product and your very last pumpkin spice!!!!!! And you did not charge me for either one of those!!!!!

I was so blown away that I immediately ran to Facebook thinking you were on there and left you ratings and sent you a chat. then I realized you guys haven’t been on there since 2021 and I was really sad because I wanted you to know how absolutely grateful I was.

so this morning I saw your email with another chance to tell you just how great you guys are in general and how amazing your new sleeping tincture is.

Customer For Life!! 👏👍❤️🔥💪

B in California
Soundest night of sleep in weeks

This tincture is great; it is rather mild tasting for a cbd tincture (to me) and very effective in lulling and keeping me asleep. I noticed a difference in my rest the first time I used this and would definitely order again.

Dr. P
Great tincture

I have tried all of the tinctures made by milk barn farm. This new tincture is just great for slowing down and sleeping better. The taste is wonderful and I will order many more Great product for better sleep. Happy customer.


I am a huge fan of MBF's CBD. Clove is my favorite for the day and now this is a favorite for the evening. If I am ever too wired at night and know it's going to take me too long to unwind, this comes to my rescue. It does not take too long before I feel relaxed and start yawning.

Great topically too!

I find that I have a bit of an allergic reaction when I use the tincture under my tongue, but not when I use it topically (I rub a dropper full on the backs of my hands, and anywhere achy). The smell is wonderful, and I seem to get the same sleep benefits. I look forward to it now!