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CBD is a godsend for sore muscles, so we made our Spiced CBD Salve to take the aches and pains away. Made from organic, sustainably harvested coconut oil, white beeswax, and our Oregon sun-grown hemp extract, plus essential oils of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary to add a delicious scent that's great for men and women.

Each 2 ounce tin contains approximately 500mg of CBD, no THC, and no BS. We grow, harvest, and cure these plants ourselves, and make this salve by hand. We really hope it helps.

  • Tin size: 60 ml.
  • Total CBD: 500 mg.
  • Smell: Chai latte.
  • Clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary.
  • Coconut oil and beeswax base.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
"a sunny meadow"

I got this salve for my mom, whom I'd noticed had run out of a similar product that she'd gotten at her local farmers' market. She said that product helped with her sore hands after gardening, but that she didn't like the smell very much—too eucalyptus-y. She has since texted me: "decided the CBD salve you sent me has the fragrance of a sunny meadow. 👏" And it works well for her sore hands. Yay!

Amy Kimmel
Fantastic relief for tendonitis!

I've developed (hopefully temporarily) tendonitis in my left wrist, very localized and painful. At night, I rub some of the salve in and wrap it lightly with gauze, and it always feels better the next morning. I've also got "trigger fingers" on each hand, and massaging this salve into the tendons there helps ease the tightness and recover some range of motion. This stuff is fantastic!

Lori Broach

I use this on my face for trigeminal neuralgia. I scraped my knee and have been using it on that. (I'm not a doctor. I'm not sure if it would be recommended for a scraped knee, but it has helped.) I use it on my neck when it is sore. I also use it on my hips where I have nerve damage and arthritis. It helps me a lot.

Billie Overholser

I would appreciate knowing how much CBD per application

Hi Billie! The 2 oz salve contains 500 mg of CBD total, so it depends on how much you apply at a time. If you used a tenth of the container, that'd be 50 mg. Hope that helps.

Fantastic product

This salve smells really nice and helps with back/neck/shoulder pain along with pain from carpal tunnel.