Tincture for Dogs and Cats

Tincture for Dogs and Cats

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Hemp oil is great for dogs and cats. It helps with nervousness, separation anxiety, stress, and physical pain. And it's a real blessing for older pets.

Our Pet Tincture is similar to the human version, but we use a different coconut oil (it’s a little more nutty – pets preferred it in our tests) and we don't add anything extra. The CBD is from the same plants we grow here on the farm in the Oregon sun, treated with the love and care we give to all our plants and animals.

We give this tincture to our own cats and dogs when they’re in pain or suffering from stress or anxiety. Be aware, it can make them sleepy. It's simple to use – just add it to their usual food – most pets enjoy the taste. Start with one dropper and increase for larger pets or greater need.

  • Total CBD: ~300 mg.
  • 1 mL Doses: 60.
  • CBD per dose: ~5 mg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Heather S
Helpful to my old cat

This pet cbd is great! I give it to my 19 year old cat and it seems to help her to be more comfortable. I also give a little to my younger cats at dinner and they are more calm in the evening- which is helpful to my whole house hold. Will definitely buy again!

Melanie H.
Great for elderly arthritic dogs too!

Our 16 and 17 yo dogs do well with the tincture added to their meals. They have an easier time getting up and walking around.

Our dogs love it!

Have been giving to both our dogs daily for about a month. They seem to love it and I think it helps their joint issues. Our ten year old dog has been much friskier lately and I think this awesome CBD has a lot to do with it! They love the taste and take it right from the dropper, excitedly! Just reordered so we will not run out anytime soon. Thanks so much!

Helps my Senior dog ♥️

My almost 12 year old dog started showing obvious signs of slowing down. After taking this daily with his good, I’ve noticed him getting up easier, feeling better on our walks, and just being more playful in general. You can tell by his demeanor he just feels better. Our vet recommended we try a full spectrum CBD to help with inflation in his joints. I’m so glad we found Milk Barn Farm!

It's all about trust

Whether an individual pet is going to respond to CBD is still an unknown to me, but so far both the dog and cat seem to like it. Regardless, I don't think I'd order from anywhere but here. There's less of a concern when it's for humans, as we know what's going on and can express any odd feelings, but for pets I want to know that there are zero unknowns in a product like this. That's why if I continue using CBD for my pets, it's only ever going to come from Milk Barn Farm.