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Limited Edition Tincture: Orange Glaze
Limited Edition Tincture: Orange Glaze
Limited Edition Tincture: Orange Glaze
Limited Edition Tincture: Orange Glaze
Limited Edition Tincture: Orange Glaze

Limited Edition Tincture: Orange Glaze

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We're excited to release our first single-strain edition from our 2020 harvest: Orange Glaze, a rare hemp strain that grew robust, healthy plants through a chaotic season that saw everything from wildfires to hungry goat incursions.

Orange Glaze is high in Limonene, the terpene that smells like oranges. We use an all-natural botanical infusion process that preserves the terpenes as much as possible, so you can feel them in the final product. In addition to smelling and tasting good, Limonene is known to have relaxing, anti-anxiety effects, just like CBD.

This is a full-spectrum infusion, so it includes the minor cannabinoids for a complete entourage effect. It was grown, harvested, cured, and infused in Oregon with love by friends, and we're thrilled to share it with you.

  • CBD: Large bottle: ~500 mg, Small bottle: ~250 mg.
  • Primary Terpene: Limonene (orangey)
  • 1 mL Doses: Large bottle: 60, Small bottle: 30.
  • CBD per dose: ~8 mg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Debi Collins

I have been using this product since last year after my bike accident. I had trouble sleeping because of pain and anxiety but since she’s in the product I’ve had great sleep.

A repeat favorite.

I took advantage of the sale on the larger bottle this time. Truly one of my favorite products, many days I prefer it to the med-grade gummies I purchase at a dispensary. I used to "white knuckle it" regarding running out of migraine medication before refill. Since adding Orange Glaze tincture to my routine, I have fewer migraines and never run out of meds.

Ok - all time fave

Love the hint of orange and it doubles down on the anti-anxiety affects. All products on here are beyond fabulous.

Katherine G.
Great product, just the right amount of potency

I've incorporated this tincture into my daily supplements instead of buying pre-packaged, single-dose products. This is my second purchase and I think this one is even better than the last.

Nothing else comes close for sleep and relaxation.

I've tried every CBD tincture I can find, and this blows them all away. One dropper calms the anxiety bees around my head, and takes the tension out of my body in minutes. Two droppers and I have the best sleep of my life.